New 'Chat' style for Personal Messages

Right, I’ve installed a new theme component that makes direct messages look more like a ‘chat’ than the main forum topics.

Here’s an example.

I’m looking for some feedback, and whilst I know that whenever I ask you lot to help with technology it usually turns into something as palatable as another ‘cock-op’, but if two or three of you could let me know what you think I’d be grateful.

How to test

These instructions are meant to be self-selecting - if you don’t understand them, then they weren’t meant for you.

  1. Go into your theme settings. (User settings, Preferences, Interface, Theme)
  2. Remember the theme you are currently using
  3. Change your theme to “Sam’s Simple Theme” then hit Save Changes
  4. Reload your browser page or stop your browser app and re-start it
  5. Go into Personal Messages and look at the new chat-bubble approach
  6. Come back to this thread and tell me what you think
  • Whatever
  • I hate it. Things are always better how they are and modern life is shit
  • I love it. It’s transformed the way I feel about life and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders

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  1. Go back in to your theme settings (instructions in 1. above)
  2. Change your theme back to the previous one (that you remembered from 2. above) and hit Save Changes.

Nice of you to put a choice in the poll specially for Barry.

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I’ve added the theme component to two of the dark themes that I know some users prefer.

AS Dark and Grey Amber now have the change.

Again let me know what you think.

Should we still change it back even if we love it?

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A little pop up window thingy like Faceache Messenger innit.

I have no idea what you are on about, so I’ll carry on as before.

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The poll results show an alarming “couldn’t give a shit” attitude about this new feature. I think the community are still waiting for the twitter bug to be resolved. Such a shame the powers that be have lost the ability to read the public pulse.

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I read the results as 100% approval.

All I need to know is whether:

  1. I can continue my dastardly plan to ruin @pap by having the odd moan about him with others on personal chat.

  2. I can send dick pics.

Unfortunately, Shirty, whilst there is no maximum size limit there is a minimum size limit to the new speech bubbles.



Due to the 100% approval in the poll, this is now the default for personal messages.

If you see any problems let me know…so I can tell you to fuck off, point you back to the poll, and then tell you that you should have tried it and told me about them at the time.


You can, but you’ll have less of a pool of contacts to work with after all the people that have left due to Corbyn, @Goatboy’s finger puppet show, Brexit, COVID and deep-seated emotional problems.

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Soon this forum will be the exclusive home of saints fans with none of the above, only alcohol problems.

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