🏦⛱ New Bank Holiday

Good idea / Bad idea / Boris burying bad news idea??

As for calling it a “Thank Holiday” fuck right off - what kind of cretin came up with that idea?

I have seen calls for a National Day (apparently we are only one of two countries that doesn’t have one)

For shits and giggles, maybe we should call it United Kingdom day just to get a rise out of the Dear Leader up north


This. :+1::+1:

We live in an age of cunts.


Do companies still pay time and a half/double time for people who work bank holidays?

And what about holidays? Currently the legal minimum is 28 days or 20 days and Bank Holidays (pro-rata’d for PT roles).

Is it suddenly going to be 19 days + 9 Bank Holidays in which case the choice of when I take holiday is begin taken away from me, fuck that!!

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I think this will be in addition

Yeah must be St George’s day.
So you get another holiday at the wrong time of the year

Would it come with a saucepan and spoon to bang on your doorstep? :roll_eyes:

Why can’t it be called a wank holiday? I think that would be perfect.


Gotta “hand it” to you “to come” up with that one

(Double entendres signposted for everyone except @scotty obviously :wink:)

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Masturbation Monday?

Corbyn’s idea was better.

Four new Bank Holidays, all falling around the national holiday day of each nation in the UK, with everyone getting the day off to celebrate another part of the UK.

Would have been a lovely poke in the eye to Nicola Sturgeon and would shut up the people who say we never celebrate Englishness.

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