Neville Southall

Neville Southall


‘Footballer is intelligent and decent bloke’ shock

Reading this I can forgive him for Highbury 1984

Not Adrian Heath though


Woke Neville Southall is my favourite thing about Twitter.


What a totally fucking top chap.


Yes, he really is. I knew his politics were on the left, but i had no idea about the other stuff mentioned in the article. Clearly a thoroughly decent bloke.

And by contrast, what a cunt that Michael Owen is.


There aren’t many like him out there on t’interweb.

Present company excepted, of course.


Fixed link for you SO5.

And I concur. Big Nev is a top bloke.


that kid was shit in goal but still gets down quicker than Forster.


well done he’s 29 :lou_eyes_to_sky: