Nancy Wake

Why doesn’t Hollywood make a biopic of this woman? Instead of these endless Comic book movies and remakes?

NZ born, at one point the most wanted woman in Europe by the Gestapo. Killed an SS officer with her bare hands. From her bio …

On the night of 29/30 April 1944, Wake was parachuted into the Auvergne, becoming a liaison between London and the local maquis group headed by Captain Henri Tardivat in the Forest of Tronçais. Upon discovering her tangled in a tree, Captain Tardivat greeted her remarking, “I hope that all the trees in France bear such beautiful fruit this year,” to which she replied, “Don’t give me that French shit.” :slight_smile:


The Wikipedia page says Charlotte Gray was partially based on her autobiography so they kind of have made a movie of her life. Very interesting sounding person, might check out her book one day.

Wow, not come across her story before - what a brave women!

Give this…

Wake’s story was told in a 1987 television movie, Nancy Wake, released as True Colors in the US. She was played by Australian actress Noni Hazlehurst. Wake criticized the way in which the film portrayed her, for instance as cooking breakfast for the men or as being romantically involved with another resistance member.[40]

…sounds like she’s due a decent re telling of her story!