Off there tomorrow for a much needed break.

Anyone been and got any recommendations?

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DON’T GO! :lou_surprised:

Only joking…have a lovely time. Never been TBH but BBC weather say a little cloudy over the weekend, then sunshine all the way :lou_lol:


Are you bearing gifts?

Envious. I love Greece.

Full of gays! (used to be tbf)

Tbf have been a few times - lovely.

No specific recommendations as went too long ago.

Lovely. Place.

Now fuck off - am trying to get home to watch the fucking Star Trek thing on Netflix an give a less than arse licking report than some … … Ffs only joking Pap!!!

Mind you Fleet Foxes haven’t been there either. :lou_wink_2:

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Beat me to it @lifeintheslowlane

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Hope you’re not on Ryanair…

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Ryanair doesn’t fly to Mykinos…they fly you to Syria and boat you across to Mykinos. Thought you knew.

Thankfully not. Their flight times weren’t ideal to any of the Greek islands. Little more worried if BA have a strike for next hols in January.

Don’t hire a moped.

The headline prices look alright, but they’ll shit you up with the insurance, and when you complain, they will say “this is not fucking England. This is Greece. We will kill you”.

You will then buy the inflated insurance and hate your moped.

Flashback of Crete? Car booked. I think our moped days are over.

Think it might have been the one time I ever saw @korruptor look concerned for his safety.

I have happier recollections of that holiday though. Sexy recollections.