My Week As a Muslim

My Week As a Muslim


On Channel Four now.

Getting in there before Barry does. I’m trying to break the system, but it seems infallible (see figure 1).

Figure 1


Brilliant @pap . It helps to unravel the conundrum wrapped up in an enigma that is our very own @undefined

Now if you can put in as much effort into the new abacas for Sotonians, as described by @undefined then we’ll be cooking with gas…






verb phrase:

succeeding; performing commendably


Great, our own website–now we’re cooking with gas.


Yeah, we should probably mention that there is a small possibility that an articulate wordsmith will descend on the site and call you an anti-semite with no justification whatsoever.

@goatboy is probably preparing you for that eventuality, a sort of vaccination, if you will. Even if I’m giving my co-owner far too much credit, and he’s just hit the rum early and is posting while plastered, Derek and Clive style, it’s still a useful jab.

Just don’t point any fingers, yours or anyone else’s. Got us into bother last time.


@pap nothing about not responding to repeated request for actual facts in that lovely flow chart thing. Got to say that looks like a lot of time on your hands to produce it.


Okey dokey.


Thanks, @cobham-saint . I suggest that @saint-or-sinner forward his specification to @tokyo-saint , our newly elected working from home Soviet.

Returning to topic, watching the show now. It has got a lot of stick for its approach, but this is some bloody brave TV.


It’s covered by the “are people replying?” part. I didn’t want to overcomplicate it and spend a fifth year on the project.


Is Tokyo Tommy Walsh in real life?

I feel like I have learnt something useful.

Don’t know about @goatboy but I have been sampling the rum tonight and it’s very nice.

Get back to painting your beads @pap


Soz. shoulda put a winky :lou_wink_2:


Circumcised? Not circumcised? Where _is _ @stickywhitedovepiss these days? He can advise us on such things.


LOL … :lou_lol:


Bit shocked, I thought Cobs was alright. Now have an image of Borat and his PA wrestling.


The best quote from Katie Freeman. “They are just normal people like me.”

No shit, Sherlock.


The lack of bacon and beer would be a challenge


Actually, this sounds like January most years


:lou_surprised: Really?


She would probably of had a different view if she spent a week with ISIS.


They ain’t Muslims