🚗 🚙 My Next Car Will Be

Mate had an Alfasud back in the day…a horrific rust bucket.

I had one for just under a year. Best handling car I’ve ever driven, bar none.

Dad had a Sprint Veloce. I loved that.

I had a 156 about 20 years ago. I loved that.

A guy around the corner from me has a 4C. I want that!

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Charging Complete. :+1::+1:

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My next car will be free.

Dont know which company or person is buying it for me yet.


Should the police be notified?

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Nah completly legit my next car will be supplied by either a company or somebody else I am not spending more than a house cost’s to build on a car.

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A Nissan X-Trail petrol-electric hybrid. Only another 5 months to wait for it to arrive.

We bought a Volvo XC30 petrol-electric hybrid