Musical Guilty Pleasures

Musical Guilty Pleasures


Who or what are your Musical Guilty Pleasures?

Bands/Acts that you know you shouldn’t really like, they are probably a bit crap and you are aware of that fact, but you like them regardless.

Similarly, tracks that you also know are shite, but can’t help but love.

To get things started, I will confess that I really rather enjoy Blossoms. I know they are crap, deriviative and generally a case of paint by numbers, Radio 1 friendly Indie-Pop, but their tunes just do it for me. For shame.

G’warn Sotonians, embarass yourselves.



Kenny Loggins.

Girls Aloud.

That is all.


I think you’re on much safer ground with Footloose, the song, than the movie.

Anyway, my indy and rock pals have always ripped me for my unashamed love of Robyn.


Tbf, Pap, over the last 7-8 years Robyn has been generally held up as the pinnacle of ‘pop’ by serious musos. Inadvertently perhaps you’re on pretty safe ground with her.

I think she’s shit personally.


Erasure - there I’ve said it.

I feel like a weight has been lifted, I can be myself at last.




You gonna offer some of your own, TCK?

Or just sneer at everyone elses?



Modern Eurovision.



Oooh… sometimes :lou_is_a_flirt:


Originally posted by @areloa-grandee

…I have that Dido CD…




Ace… :lou_lol:


Those who sneer tend to believe that Chris de Burgh and Five Star are proper artists and not a guilty pleasure.


Downloaded The Best Of Bread the other day.

A cracking “side one” for those of us who can remember vinyl - “side two” is a much a piece of shite as you could ever wish to avoid

Takes me back to teenage fumbling and all that stuff that seems to have bern replaced by Tinder and such like…


This is a classic “you are ready for cardigans” song.

Disliked it as a teen. Think it’s ace now.


Originally posted by @areloa-grandee

Originally posted by @areloa-grandee

…I have that Dido CD…


Wow I thought they were all in charity shops!


No. All music I listen to is beyond reproach. All of the time. Possibly.



That is a fucking tune though.


There’s nowt wrong wth the Stranglers!

Apart from Golden Brown, that’s a bit middle of the road.