MUFC (is an anagram of FUC'M) drinks

MUFC (is an anagram of FUC'M) drinks


Keeping up my fine appearance record of attending association football matches, I’ll be there again; pretending to be SO5 - but a little more charming.



Will there be many anagrams to look forward to over the course of the night?


Dunno @saintbletch , I am findng your new avatar a bit scary to be honest and am worried if this is a reflection on a change in your real life persona!

Will you be ditching the paisley shirts and brogues for a bomber jacket and bovver boots?


Bovver boots :lou_lol: @btripz


I think you’re misreading Balti Stench’s avatar. Here’s the look he’s aiming for:


^^^^^^Oooo…too SEXY


Right Said Bletch - he’s too sexy to go to more than two games a season.


But he went to Milan and loves Japan.


Won’t be going.

Not working from home is a bitch for football attendance.


#el out up


That’s me and Turkish in happier times - before he turned deeply dippy.


I’ve got the DMs (albeit with tweed laces) and the skinhead cut, but I’m not covering up my shirt or bleaching my jeans for anyone.

You putting in an appearance, @btripz ?




Well @saintbletch , as it happens, I will be attending the match with one of Her Majesty’s finest ladies in blue.

Much as I would like to attend I’m not so sure that she wouldn’t recognise you tout-de-suite and cart you off for a night at Liz’s pleasure.


Self identifying again @saintbletch ?


I think there is an offer in there somewhere. I will let you know as soon as I have cracked bletchley’s code.


So is anybody actually pub-ing?

I’ll probably pop in if so. Probably no beer as I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t drink this week. Probably.


Yeah, nice one, ant ran.

“no beer”.

That’s a good one.

I’ll be there, the RaleighBoy and Flyd Owl will also be there.

Word bores and cynicism - what’s not to like?


thingevery :slight_smile:


Shit. Was kind of banking on you confirming my whereabouts during that 90 minutes, should anyone come round asking questions :lou_surprised: