Mrs G Keen To Try The Bear For Romance And Bath Fun*

Just booked a long weekend away here.

Anyone been or know of any cool stuff to see/do?

*Stand down Bearsy.


Don’t know a great deal about the place but I can (somewhat predictably) offer boozing recommendations.

Really enjoyed Chapter One when the lady and I were over there for a daytrip. Also Independent Spirit of Bath (in the city centre) has a wall-to-wall selection of cracking stuff and a knowledgeable, chatty proprietor.

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Cheers ant!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Bath but spent a weekend there a while back.

Had some nice sunday lunch in the following pub

King William

We cannot remember the others although I think maybe one was a Thai and another was a vegetarian place. Cannot find them on maps now.

Things to do? Go to the Roman Baths of course. You can also do a spa thing there which my sister did once.

Walk around the Royal Crescent and Putney Bridge areas (well anywhere really it’s all lovely).

Have a cream tea - most places do one.


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Cheers Intiniki! We looked at that spa thing and it’s on the probably list.

I predict the weekend will be 5% sight seeing, 60% sleeping and 35% eating and drinking.

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I love Bath.

The Bath Brew House is excellent for craft beers, televised sport and occasionally live music .

But beware that anywhere in Bath will favour showing rugby over football.

So don’t rock up expecting to watch the footy if Clermont Auvergne is playing Treviso in the Arse Sniffing Cup.


No shagging ?

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Sounds like a good plan for a long weekend.

Nooooo!!! - put it on the definitely list

The rooftop pool is great - sitting in hot water looking out over the city when it’s cold (like it will be) is just great.

When I went there was a hen party there. Couldn’t get out of the water for quite some time…


Wanted to keep the percentages to whole numbers.


Too London-centric @intiniki …try Pulteney Bridge…more sceneic than the other one. :lou_wink_2:


Until not very long ago it was our local! We used to live about 100 metres from the front door (at the bottom of Beechen Cliff Road) - alas, no longer. Random fact: it’s called the Bear because that area, at the curve in the Wellsway is called Bear Flat. It’s also called Poets’ Corner as you’ll see that all the roads just across the road from The Bear are named after the ‘Greats’.

As for 'is there anything to do in Bath, well, it’s Bath. If you like wandering around surrounded by edifying architecture and visiting cosy (if somewhat overpriced) restaurants and pubs, then Bath’s your place.

Here’s a suggestion - walk up the hill a bit, up Beechen Cliff Road. It gets quite narrow and winding. On your right, you’ll see a short alley which takes you onto a path behind the houses actually on ‘the cliff’. Follow this path up to the top where you’ll find a park and some viewpoints which will give you stunning views of the city and the Cotswolds beyond.

Have fun.


Oh, and if no one has mentioned it, my faviourite pub in town in the Green Tree, complete with a Wittgenstein quote on the wall as you walk in. A good pub (if a little crusty) for live music is the Bell Inn on Walcott St. Best pub for beer (in a city where there are loads of fantastic beer pubs) is The Star at the end of the Paragon.

Also, don’t bother with an overpriced taxi to get to the city centre - just walk down a small road off the Wellsway called Holloway. It’s about a 10-15 minute stroll into the centre under the railway arches. You might want to get a taxi back as it is a bit of a steep climb back. Mrs BS doesn’t miss that hill!


They’re right, this is the thing Mrs BS used to do whenever we had guests - head to the Spa in the evening and sit in the pool looking over the rooftops. Top of a big list of impressive things to do.

Many Thanks Bathsaint! Was hoping you’d pop on to this thread.

Incidentally, I have now guaranteed Saints getting to the FA Cup Final as that is the weekend I mistakenly booked :lou_facepalm_2:

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Sorry to intrude on your privacy Goaty, but you might want these shots of Mrs goat in bath back…

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Also on a good day the walk from Bradford and down the locks into Bath is lovely.

Bradford on Avon is really quaint and the walk features some great Victorian canal infrastructure and a couple of pubs.

Whenever I see the word Avon, it remindsme of that old delightful gag…’‘Why did the Avon Lady smile? … Because Max factor’’

Proper lady she is. Washes before and after.