Mrs D_P vs Radio Mane on Be in Sports HD3

Oh dear.

An own goal of unfortunate England proportions give the green guys a lead at HT.

Poland look like England at every tournament since…

One paced lumbering and maybe tired/carrying knocks.

Pub was mad earlier with Colombians celebrating losing or something.

Very dusty in here. Did someone spill some baby powder?

Some key words for you.



This is FVCKING shit.

She ain’t happy

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Terrible second goal from Poland point of view and our boy, Bendarek, playing his part in it.

If the own goal was unlucky. Their second was Turnip level comical.

Ludicrous attempt at a back pass keeper commits on the half way line scorer milks the applause while walk g the ball into an empty net.

I did NOT laugh. Still probably won’t get any attention at home until December.

Book of.

Meanwhile cricket wow

Randomly. It is now quiet in the bar karaoke started but the main serious singers are still on the way here.

So I’ve done 2 songs during the 1st (paint it black) Senegal scored

During the 2nd (Baker Street) Poland pulled one back.

When I work out what that means I could have an influence on this World Cup after all