MoT of the Week


A new regular feature where I (or you) select suitable candidates for MoT of the week.

Well he sure is a cunt



Not sure this is a bad call. With this system Mr Tigger would be out of my way every day but available at night, seems like a win to me



If you’re working twelve hour days continuously, you ain’t available for no-one, at least not in the sense where you’re NOT moaning about twelve hour days.

I say this as a man that has just completed an unprecedented amount of new contract wins and spent eight weeks being less a human being and more of an instrument of industry.

It sucks. I suspect that version of Mr Tigger may not be as bouncy a personality :wink:



@pap, remember to make time to be the complete cunt we all know you to be.





I already do 12 hour days and 7 days a week,
With meal breaks and coffee breaks it equates to about 8 hours a day, then you factor in smoking breaks and prayer breaks for certain groups and they are only working about 6 and half hours. Then the time taken to and from all these breaks minus another hour.

So a 12 hour day = 5:30 mins actually working

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First, I had to watch this shit pop up as a Chrome notification in front of my missus when I was watching GoT tonight.

Second, she agreed.

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My Boss for suggesting I go on a course that i did less than a year ago in the middle of my leave and not agree to pay for my time to do it.

He can fuck off cunt.



Was the course called ‘Respecting Authority 101’?



Uhm… I think I see a connection here



It is a Waste Management course.

Better known as

A waste of management’s time course.

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