Most Underrated Guitarist List

We have done the best. Now how about those who are cronically left off of the great and good lists?

I’ll start with the great Peter Buck of REM. No protracted guitar solos, just wonderful adornment to many already brilliant songs


Alex Lifeson

Going back a few years , but always loved this solo to La Villa Strangiata

And here is the same solo 35 years later - still not so bad despite Alex suffering form Arthritis… (solo form aroudn 2.40

My no,2 would be Neil Clark, a former Commotion.

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Ed O’Brien, quietly being a very subtle and creative player in the shadow of Jonny Greenwood.

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More fine plank spankery from Neil Clark here…


Marc Ribot. Not in a position to post choons right now, but I will be later. Something for you all to look forward to then.

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Don’t want to steal your thunder Fowllyd so I’ll let you post them…but if you haven’t seen his recent stuff on KEXP with Ceramic Dog you should :lou_lol:

Steve Cropper

Robbie Robertson

Willie Nelson

Are all underrated massively . However the main one for me is Stephen Stills. He’s just a great musician but particularly great guitarist . Maybe it’s the Neil Young connection, personally I prefe Stills .

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So. Marc Ribot then:

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I’d also give a shout to Antennae Jimmy Semens and Zoot Horn Rollo for their playing on Trout Mask Repllica:

Oh, and Syd Barrett. So much better than Dave fucking Gilmour.

Graham Coxon, seriously underrated dude. technically brilliant. He’s more known for his playing in Blur and his love of 90’s garage rock stuff.

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He was kind of marginalised by Damon Albarn and his control freakery and obsession with Lionel Bart.

Perhaps not really underated… in more refined circles, but Richard Thompson is simply a stunning player… makes that Grahams picking a seem a little rustic :wink: Anyone who plays will know how amazing his righthand picking is - timing and consistency are stunning

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His timing and consistency when looking for a hat though :slight_frown:

Refined Circles?

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Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards …

What about the guitars they play? Willie’s been playing Trigger for over 40 years .

What about Jerry Reed?

Story is Elvis wanted to record Jerrys hit “Guitar man” but couldn’t get the intro right , even with James Burton he wasn’t happy . So he called Jerry up go ask him how to get the sound. Jerry replied " hire me" , so he did and Jerry played on the track.