More live games on the box/streaming service

More live games on the box/streaming service


A minimum of 190 Premier League games will be televised live in Britain from start of the 2019-20 season.

Premier League chairmen voted unanimously for the package, with the rights set to go out to auction before Christmas.

A new package of Saturday night games is likely to be offered to broadcasters, along with more midweek and Bank Holiday matches.

There will be a minimum of 22 additional live games on offer.

The new contracts will replace the record £5.136bn deal struck with Sky and BT Sport in 2015.

That three-season agreement represented a 70% increase on the previous £3bn deal and involved 168 games being shown each season at an average cost to the broadcasters of £10.2m per match.

Sky paid £4.176bn to show 126 matches, including the first Friday evening games and both Sunday packages, and BT paid £960m for 42 games.


More opportunities to travel to Newcastle for a Sunday lunchtime kick off.


Goes on to say that Amazon and Apple may bid for the matches, not just Sky and BT

The other X Factor in this tender process could be the big US tech companies such as Amazon and Apple. They are increasingly showing an appetite for live sports rights, as demonstrated by Amazon’s recent deal for US Open tennis.


Fuck me, do Sky really pay £33m a game?


But the worst part is that we could possible have 20:00 kick offs on a Saturday night!!


Wasn’t there a big fuss when they first anounced Monday night football back at the start of the Premier league? They have been gradually preparing us for years to accept a wide range of kick off times (frog in the saucepan being slowly boiled to death analogy and all that), ultimately (IMO) to end up with Premier league football every day of the week.


@gavstar even La Liga doens’t have football 7 nights a week and they have more football coverage than the PL but, yes, I see where you’re going


Also with my cynical/gamblers hat on, more live games at more obscure times will massively increase the opportunity for in-play betting, both in the UK and worldwide.

Skybet has in-play betting don’t they?


That is a fucking extraordinary amount of money.


Don’t worry. They’ll never show us it’ll be a perpetually looped tape of Manure, Citeh, Arse, the bin dippers and hot spuds playing each other - not all at the same time obvs.