MoPe's Barmy Army vs. The Song Thrushes

MoPe's Barmy Army vs. The Song Thrushes







I will be away with the family on a half term break and therefore away from any method to watch the match.

I therefore predict that we will shove Tony Pulis’ -ve tactics up his arse, 5-0 to the mighty Saints


2:1 win

Forster own goal

I really want to be positive, hell I’ve even predicted a win! Maybe I will as we get closer to the game…


I predict TMO to start the next thread. 0-0 probs.


0-0 at best.


So am I going to be the first on here to predict Jay Rod to cut in from the left and smash one in to the top corner? Forster won’t even dive for it.

Does Michael Owen still ‘commentate’/chat utter shit on BT Sport?


WBA have conceded equaliser in last 15 minutes 3 times this season.

So don’t panic!


It will be 4 - 3 to Saints.

WBA have as big a goal keeping problem as us with Foster being injured


I should read things properly before I post :lou_is_a_flirt:


Myhill being assessed too after he suffered a dead leg. Their 3rd 'keeper is 21 and hasn’t played a pro game since a loan spell at Kidderminster.


Can we loan them Forster?


Who would then proceed to have a worldy pulling off Niemi, Banks and that other nipper we had who did nothing else type saves

yeah who was that nipper who went to Forest was it Paul Smith?


Wasn’t this one.

But WTF??? Never seen this Lolz




Cedric Maya VVD Bert


Tadic Davis McQueen

Long Gabbi

But it won’t be.

Romeu was out of sorts Saturday but more than that I simply cannot understand using TWO DM’s at home

I’d happily have Lemons instead of McQueen and Oriel in DM but time for a break for one of Redmond/Tadic and I think the temper tantrum from Redmond would be less disruptive


Alan Blayney :lou_facepalm_2: Paul Sturrock’s saviour in goal against the Barcodes IIRC


Looking forward to this. I saw more improvement when I watched the tiny, tiny players on my phone. Expecting more of the same steady improvement.


McCarthy struggled whilst playing for the U23s on Monday. Hardly promising given the gulf in playing standards.


Don’t think he struggled. Just fucked up whilst trying to be clever. His distribution is a million times better than four star.


And apparently he came out beyond the (imaginary) 6" line to collect crosses…


Fucking hell. If he puts that team out he really will have lost his marbles. Aint no goals in that team.