So is Rallyboy on a ‘break’, exiled, or on hols?


He’s been “guested”.

(I’ve no evidence for this)


Maybe someone should start a hot chocolate thread to try and flush him out.


I like Cadbury’s Hi-Lites…nice chocolatey taste without the high calorie count. :lou_lol:


He’s been asset stripped by the Chinese


The Chinese can strip this ass, oh yeah!


Eventually, the Remainers will be purged :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We will need to form an underground resistance - need a Soviet to set us up with a disguised VIP area or safe forum for the freedom fighters. Champagne would be good as well though


Rallyboy is on a top secret mission. I could tell you what it is, but I just can’t be arsed killing all of you. Then again, I could always sub that part out to someone else.




Oh dear! And he was so close to winning the brexit argument! Pap was about to Back Down!


I am now looking over my shoulder …should I be paranoid? Where do all the Remainers end up?


Bearsy… can you sort that VIP area out asap- we need one of those ‘rope’ thingys with the brass balls and stands as I reckon that will keep the Brexiteers out- any sort of of border will do

Brexit Border '#1 papsweb


We need proper security too - and a list. Can’t have security without a list of names of those who can get in. We don’t need no rif-raf.


I’m not really sposed to talk about it… but it’s been up and running nearly four weeks now. Going pretty good! Some people are there basically 24/7, specially since Lou started posting topless.

Rallyboy says hi.


He can put it as a suggestion and slip it under pap’s door as I am sure you all voted for. The number of posts on here recently will testify to that.


Belgium .