Mike O'Callaghan RIP

I met him many years ago. Whatever you thought of SISA he was a seriously committed fan. Very sad, RIP fella.


RIP Mike, very sad.

It caused some consternation on the other place earlier. Apparently he used to be called Jim Steele (because he looked like Jim Steele) and someone posted that Jim Steele had died!


Fuck. Didn’t know him by name but recognise the face from countless northern away games over the years. Shame.

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I knew Mike really well, used to drink with him at nearly every away game 1998-2000, in the days I could go to every game!

Not spoken to him since early May 2001 the last home game against Arsenal and when I split from my girlfriend at the time. He used to date a friend of mine who used to be a regular poster on the ugly inside back in 2000.

Very sad. RIP.

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