Mike Batt: Wombletastic musical genius or ginger cooont?

Mike Batt: Wombletastic musical genius or ginger cooont?


If like me you are like me and approaching …ahem …er late 40s…getting for 50… then there as a ceratin age in early and mid 70s pre punk when as kid you would never be indoors and you would have your mum giving you grief when it was getting dark and you were still outside playing with your mates… Anyway, if you had a colour telly, Thursdays would be TOTPs night so you would be ‘in’ and watch the poptatsic results of the chart… and for a while MIke Batt would be there with his ‘wombles’ -now everyone remembers the hits, but if you were a serious kid you had the fucking box set… with what you considered gems… never hits but a some 40 tracks of his musical brain dump - with a lot tunes that stuck in your head… but Ginger Mike would go on to write ‘Bright Eyes’, Summertime city, I feel like buddy Holly (badly covered by Alvain Stardust), the Closest thing to Crazy for Katie Melua, and the whole the wierd yet strangely wierd musical of ‘_The Hunting of the Snark’ _

_So is Ginger Mike a British eccentric musical Gem or a ginger cunt? Sotonians you decide!

(PS. having an eclectic musical taste - being a sort of musician, I love the ginger fucker simply for his awesoeme chorde changes and melody… still a ginger cunt though :lou_is_a_flirt:)_




his is a ginger so he is a coont

Please put a proper pole in so we can vote then


Ffs mate

A post that’s too long for me to be arsed to look @ (see what I did there?)

I may be in your age band, or maybe not ,… ladies



Come on Cobs, I challenge you to listen all all these pieces start to finish and then not admire his talent for a tune :lou_smiley:


Batt, no thanks. Melua, yes please.


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Batt, no thanks. Melua, yes please.

Fair to say she was not beaten with the ugly stick… a fair lass no doubt :lou_smiley:


Recycling pioneer.


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Recycling pioneer.

Oooh harsh… but I see where you are coming from.


Truly poptastic Chutters…he’s still a ginger cooont as you so delicately put it.



Mike Batts brother, John, used to live in Lymington, He was a horrible little man.

My waif of a girlfriend at the time, slapped him about one night, chased him out of the pub and down the road, after he made an sleazy comment to her. She was greeted by a big round of applause when she got back to pub

… it was very very funny !!