Midgetland Drinks

No don’t panic. I’m stuck at home in 45C bored out of my brains coping with a local TV guide that still says “Probable Europa League Play Off Match” on the TV Guide. (Yes I am old enough to know how to find a live stream thanks)

And yes I know y’all meet up in Winchester or something so far north of the Stadium.

BUT, I thought that I would at least mention that the “Dubai Saints Massive” European Tour stragglers (Ericofarabia, SaintMikey Saint Jess & Sarahsupasaint) are all meeting up at the Spitfire on the High Street (or something) at around 6pm.

I know some oof you have had the misfortune of meeting Eric before and may wish to pour beer over him for a change, so thought I’d mention it.

I dunno, Phil. After being jipped off for Steveweb rivals, I feel very let down by the Dubai Drinking Massive.

It was not very massive.

I’m in - either continuing long-established (twice) Sotonian tradition in St.Denys (hopefully with the same result as the Vitesse game) or with the Arabian branch in town

I’ve recently realised that I went to college with Eric (a long while ago!) so would be happy to catch up with him

I know. I was sooooo looking forward to it. But then I had car full of family, we had to meet up with mymates (who had our tickets tbf).

They are creatures of habit and will only ever go to Mike’s Chippy. I did leave the home of the mighty Whites early in the forlorn hope of having time to get oop north to you lot, but then when we hit the Chippy there was Positivepete from Steveweb (one of the few survivors of my Stag in Munich apparently held back in 2013).

But THE classic comedy moment was when 2 Dutchies walked in and stared blankly at the Menu board. So I just said in my best Hollandaise “Guysshh. You jusshhhht need to order the Fisshhhh & Chipssccchhh”.

To which they replied Oh thankshhhzzz yesszzz Schhhum guy from Dubai Schhuggeshhzzted we come here on one of the fansssh forumssshhhh.

So after that all we could manage was a stroll to the Red Lion.

But I did look out for you and the Papsweb Flag in Arnhem…

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I think we should mix it up a bit and try different venues now and again. The Giddy Bridge has the advantages of:

a) being situated at the town end of the stadium

b) serving at least half a dozen decent ales

c) being bloody cheap

And bloody heaving on match days, so much so that when you get to the bar you need to order your next 3 rounds…

On Saturday, I agree.

Never had that problem for evening matches though. Walked virtually straight up to the bar before the Vitesse match. Granted I did still buy a pint for each hand…