Middlesbrough versus Saints - Build up and Matchday Thread

So I’ll give Gav a break and take on the thread duties for this one.

So, we’ve got two of the lowest scoring teams in the prem, Boro are already gone, we’ve got little to play for … can’t see it being a fun watch.

If we don’t win this easily I’ll … well I don’t know what I’ll do … but it won’t happen

We will win this 3 nil



I was gonna do it honest :lou_wink_2:

New job (not quite 9 hour days) and family stuff has got in the way this week. If we don’t win I’ll resume for Man Utd and Stoke (ooh look, he’s assuming we won’t beat Man Utd), and quite possibly pre-season friendlies and next season’s opener :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We will win Gav and as this thread is on your behalf, some other sucker can have the united one :lou_lol:


Best thing to come out of teesside

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Thanks mate, and actually that’s a very sensible idea, as I have just recalled how my last Man Utd match thread ended :lou_sad:


this has got 0-0 awful game written all over it.

Which is why none of us will bother to watch & it will be a cracker.

5-6 to us Tadic hat trick of penalties Cedric & Stephens scoring with FF volleying in an overhead screamer from a last second corner.

Think I need to stop having dry Friday night’s.


Top positivity there Phil … I thought Fats had killed the thread :lou_lol:

Nope just cravings after 2 nights out on free booze.

Just maybe we might see one or two changed selections, with Manure coming up midweek. Pied, Charlie, Sims, even Hesketh and Seager? Got to be 0-1 (Gibson o.g.)

Welcome Mott!

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Hmm, we might see some of them but I doubt as starters … could see Hojbjerg and/or Clasie in to give Davis or Ward Prowse a break

Welcome @mottthehoopoe

Do you think that Man Utd have a history of getting rid of players too soon?

They have done this across the years, all the way from Memphis Depay to Dimitar Berbatov…

?? … #cryptic

Pressure is off for Boro as they are down, so I think they will abandon their defensive game, for a final home game farewell. In turn leaving space at the back.

I think we will be surprised but will not take all 3 points.



You must be getting well excited @sfcsim with a six goal thriller to look forward to :lou_lol:

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95/1, nice odds. I’m going for 1-3, maybe 0-3 if Forster plays well, he will be needed at some point.

Im going for a 1 -2 to Saints. We have got to win but I dont want a big win that convinces Les Reed that do nothing or keep on with the same is an option for next season.

:lou_lol: … so you want the 3 points but with a poor performance because you think Puels fate hinges on this game in Les Reeds mindset.

Thats crazy talk NYS