🍔❓ Message, search and hamburger icons

One thing I have noticed recently is that the Message, Hamburger and search icons have become a funny colour, maybe it’s the them I use, anyone else having this issue??


It’s across all my devices as well, which is why it makes me think it’s the theme.


Nope, not seen that to be honest but I only wear camp shirts, I don’t use camp themes too.

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Hey, you made the theme, did you not want people to use it?

Not my work - it was part of the Discourse community.

I didn’t think anyone would actually use that one, tbh!

I do need something to remind me of you when you’re not physically there…



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hmm… not sure what BT Ripz his pants is on about now?

They’ve gone orange. A clear indication that this site is just as much in hock to the DUP as the government is. A truly shocking state of affairs.


:broccoli: :cucumber:

Look green to me.


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Cock and arsegrapes in Purple?

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