Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


To all you mothafuckin sotonians. I know theres a load of shit online but generally this site is a better class of shit bag. Loves ya all. xxx


Yeah, it is bearable, but beginning to go the same way as the others.

Merry Christmas!




Vote whore

Merry Xmas anyway @goatboy


In fact Merry Xmas one and all…


I am so Christmassy, I even wore my best outfit


Fuck off grinch! There’s no way sotonians is going the same way as SWF. This people are proper scum.


Merry Xmas cunts


Merry Christmas

it’s nearly over here :lou_lol:


Everyone live in a different time zone with ladyboy Phil? Bunch of Yewtrees.


Fuck off all of you. Except those who I like :cool:


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence.


Merry Christmas everyone, health and happiness for 2018 - and a team that can remember where the fucking goal is.


Young Adult and Teenage Mutant have just done the C_S tradition of putting a mince pie, carrot and pint can of Stella out for Santa and the Reindeer…

It’s the little things that make Christmas…hic!


Ahhhh, the prodigal son returns for Xmas

Welcome back!



I done a Christmas fart.


You took the words right out of my mouth. X


Merry Christmas from Thailand. I will be having Christmas dinner by the beach in a small hamlet called Bang Saray. At what used to be the US Air Force officer’s club during the Vietnam war. It is now a private members club/restaurant/bar, run by an ex pat couple who are friends of my Ampfield mate who i am staying with. They are Londoners, he is a jazz musician, she a retired food critic. There are 15 of us booked in so it has the potential to get a bit lively! The weather is back to normal after a cold snap,(by Thai standards), now about 30 degrees with a nice breeze. It doesn’t get much better to be fair.

Best wishes to all of you, thanks for the mental stimulation in 2017, despite the occasional grump it is a great forum. Long may it continue.


Sod the lot of you for not coming to my beach party…

Bloody slept THROUGH lunchtime. I blame the Pina Coladas at ÂŁ2.15 each.

Not missing you or the world at all!

Sorry about you having to open the Instagram link to hate me but wonky beach bar WiFi…


Happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy whatever you choose to do today.

P.S if you see someone down on their luck, give them something, even if it’s just a couple of minutes of your time.


Merry Christmas, all.

Sat downstairs alone. Just four years ago at least one of my kids would’ve made sure I was up at 6am. Now, everyone is still in bed while I’m waiting for them. Full circle.