Merkel : Europeans can no longer rely on the US or UK


It doesn’t appear as if Merkel was particularly impressed with Trump or us Brexiting Brits, saying that Europeans must decide their own destinies.

This is a sea change in Europe.

Some of the implications are fascinating and a bit terrifying. Is Germany going to massively remilitarise to meet its extra security concerns? Is this the point at which an EU Army rolls over the horizon?

What are the implications of Merkel’s speech?


As we are still part of NATO, what is her point?



Angela Merkel Drinking Beer After Shading Trump Is The Most German Thing Ever

Bottoms up!


I personally wouldn’t trust Trump or May, so perhaps she had a point (think your speculation is a tad wild there though @pap )

l’d like to see Merkel, Trump and May have a beer drinking contest with the winner crowned King (or Queen) of Nato.


The EU Army has been mooted for some time. This, along with a long held desire to get one together (there is already an EU border force, I believe) isn’t a flight of fancy. It’s a known and desired objective. Deeply worrying if it ever goes ahead.


Why is it worrying Pap?

I find it more worrying that the USA interferes globally with impunity while the UK slavishly follows like a yipping lapdog.


So what is the point of having a United Nations peace keeping force if we then have an EU armed body? It would also make NATO a tad redundant too wouldn’t it?


A continent-wide army under the control of a largely unaccountable executive?

File under “what could possibly go wrong”


She’s correct, she can’t rely on the UK or the US.

The voters chose to distance us from the rest of Europe.

What’s the issue here?

She’s right, and we are getting what the people asked for.


Merkel is another religious leader, I’d rather have Trump, a man’s man, who’d you rather have in the sack Merkel or Melania? She should drop the Mao jackets as well as she looks like a miner who fell down a shaft from 1983.


And the award for most blatant troll of the month goes to…

I’d rather have Trump, a man’s man.



Is this you “coming out the closet” Barry?


A man’s man :scream:


George Michael was a man’s man, ditto Andy Bell, and Elton John.

It doesn’t matter but I didn’t realise that Barry was into that sort of thing.

Though it does explain some of his views on intolerant religions.


We are coming out of the EU Pap FFS, get over it.


It sounds like after reading this I am coming out, if I were gay and coming out let me tell you this first, you would be the first to know.


Did @coxford_lou get you to post that, @bucks , or was it an independent gesture in the spirit of a proud, red, white and blue Brexit? :lou_sunglasses:


Sounds a tad paranoid to me. “A continent -wide army”? With respect, that sounds like something Paul Nuttall would come out with. The idea that Germany, France, Holland etc would be some kind of military threat to us in the future? Come on! The fact of the matter is that the UK have made their choice, after 45 years of EU membership, most of which was spent moaning and whining from the sidelines, constantly trying to baulk and block perfectly sensible measures that the rest of the 27 members were trying to implement. One of the more recent, and probably most outrageous examples was Chancellor George Osborne being the only one voting against a proposal that banker’s bonuses should be restricted to no more than 200% of their salary. But fair enough, we have made the choice, democracy rules.

Merkel is just being pragmatic, she has now had the up close experience of Trump and little Theresa desperately clutching his coat tails and thought, nah. This is not for us. And who could blame her. The UK has made it’s choice, in our wisdom we have left one strong alliance, the EU, and thrown in our lot with Uncle Sam, standing shoulder to shoulder with our new allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. As you say, “what could possibly go wrong”!




Throwing a spanner in the works

Over how many years & how much did it cost for the US & UK to station troops & weapons in Germany to protect them?

We weren’t bothered by communists, we would have had generations being led by Tony then Jezza and no doubt Ken.

Think how that could have been spent on motorways or health or benefits.

Should we add that to the Brexit bill?