Meatloaf collapses on stage

Meatloaf collapses on stage


2016 strikes again

Not everyones cup of tea but one of the most successful artists ever for a reason. Bat out of Hell album was an important part of my youth as was 2.

Underrated by most in my opinion.

Speedy recovery Mr Loaf - not sure I can take much more of my yoof disappearing

PS - My mate and I used to play a game in Lyndhust where we would put ‘Bat out of Hell’ on on the jukebox 10 times and try and have a pint in every other pub and get back before it ended.

We managed it but when we walked back into the first pub it was like that scene from American Werewolf in London


Read that as stage collapses under Meatloaf! Get well soon Mr Loaf.


He needs to cut back on booze and junk food.

He’ll do anything to get well… but he won’t do that.


Always hated it when someone put one of his songs on the Duke box. I Knew that the next 11.5 minutes would feel even longer. That said I don’t wish harm on the Loaf’ and hope he heals soon… Plus he was in fight club. …


I liked the Loaf a lot more before I realised that someone else wrote all of his songs. He and Steinman have worked well over the years. I reckon Steinman has probably made more money, what with the royalty cheques and all.

Hope he does well. Always seemed to have a soft spot for us Brits.


I saw Meaty at a concert at the BIC in the mid 90s, it was a brilliant show and he put so much effort into it. One of my all time fav recording artists I’m not afraid to say.


Seems like a nice man but was never a fan…hope he gets well soon.


Steinman worked with Sisters of Mercy as well - he really has a distinctive sound that borders on the operatic. MeatLoaf never took himself too seriously and is a consumate showman. The video is painful watching


Yes we know you played with The Sisters and supplied Eldritch with his first overdose!


Why is called Meatloaf?


*he even … :lou_facepalm_2:


Lunchmeat, Corned Beef or Spam


Originally posted by @TedMaul

Why is called Meatloaf?

From here

Over the years Meat has told several stories on how he got his nickname due to the fact that he was asked the question so often. The stories he’s told in the past have included a Volkswagen running over his head, being in an aeroplane crash and only being able to say ‘Meat’ and standing on his football coach’s foot. The ‘Meat’ part of his name was actually given to him by his father when he was a baby because he was bright red and looked like a piece of meat. The ‘Loaf’ part was added when he was in high school and stood on his football coach’s foot and the coach yelled “Get of my foot, you great hunk of Meat Loaf”. The next day he found that the name tape on his locker had been changed to Meat Loaf.


In the spirit of origins and meanings, my boss is convinced that “that” in the line “But I won’t do that” refers to anal sex.

Her logic is that it follows on from “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that”

I’ve tried to explain to her that it’s not, but she won’t have it*.

*Won’t have it that I’m right, not won’t have anal sex.


Not worthy of his own thread (IMO) but Quo’s Rick Parfitt is also in the wars.


Parfitt is always having heart attacks, I think it’s just attention-seeking.

No doubt he’ll be up and about in hospital soon and rocking all over the ward.


I would use a little less milk and maybe a larger egg with a couple of ounces of breadcrumbs.

Maybe let the meatloaf cool before putting it on display.


Originally posted by @saintbletch

I’ve tried to explain to her that it’s not, but she won’t have it*.

*Won’t have it that I’m right, not won’t have anal sex.

Is she single?


It seems odd to be talking to your female boss about anal sex. Are you after a promotion?


Yeah - and doesn’t he work at a primary school? This is all fucked up (the arse)