Mcgregor vs Mayweather


Now confirmed. August 26th. It’ll be fun to watch Conor Mcgregor mess with his head in the build up etc - but all logic says it’ll be incredibly one sided. Don’t blame him for pursuing it as the money will be waaaaay more than he’d make in mma.


Boxing rules?

Wonder what round Mayweather will decide to end it.


I do love McGregor. I love winding up my mum by walking into the kitchen doing the billionaire strut every now and again.

I’m 26 by the way.


Boxing rules. Floyd wouldn’t risk anything not in his favour. He doesn’t tend to finish fights in last year’s of his career apart from the odd one. Mcgregor gets hit with a lot smaller gloves as well in his profession.

Despite all common sense pointing towards an easy win I can pretty much guarantee that CM will genuinely believe he’ll win.

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Yeah probably.


Lol. Mayweather won’t get hit and will get paid a fortune. Easy money.

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Doubt mcgregor will fight conventionally against him. By that I mean obviously it’ll have to be within boxing rules etc but he’ll use weird angles and movement. The blokes a fighting genius and if they fought outside the pub CM would take him apart. Clearly Floyd will no doubt win but if mcgregor gets inside his head then it might be fun for a while

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This is a mess of a fight. Mcgregor is a regional level boxer at best and he is fighting one of the best if the most boring boxers to have ever lived. Treat it like Rocky Vs Hulk Hogan.

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Rocky vs Thunderlips, tyvm.

Jeez, @tokyo-saint , you’re really letting yourself down on your boxing knowledge :lou_lol:

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I mean a freak show you pair of freak shows.


Tbh, if Balboa had taken it seriously he may’ve got the win. That said he took off his gloves which was clearly not in the rules. I think a draw was fair.


There must be reasonable chance of a disqualification. I wonder what the odds will be.


This is absolutely fucking sensational

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I really, really don’t get the hype about this, I’ve never met McGregor in real life and he might be a nice bloke but he seems to have an ego bigger than Lewis Hamilton’s…


Lewis Hamilton, really Bob? Why not Vettel, much bigger ego. You only have to listen to him on the radio to confirm this(his actions speak even louder).


Fair point, however Vettel seems to keep his ego in the car…


Still not getting it. Give me some examples of Hamiltons excessive ego(it better be big) and why his name sprang to mind before a plefora of ego driven sport stars?

Also, have a look at some of the shocking statements Vettel has come out with, whilst out of the car(might be one or two that’ll fit in the feminism thread). Hope you’re not one of those people that moaned about Hamilton because he had the affront to wear gold chains, whilst in a wholly white upper middle class setting.


Ah god, I’m not dissing Lewis, far from it, just saying he has a big ego. Which, to be fair, if you want to succeed in (some) sport you need to have.

I don’t get the moaning at Hamilton because he didn’t turn up to the London F1 event either.

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