Mayweather v McGregor


I don’t think i’ll bother staying up. And 20 quid etc. Just thought i’d start a thread for you fight thirsty monsters. I know you want to see blood.


Ring walk about 5am :slight_frown:11


Apparently Radio 5Live replaying it on the hour every hour from 6pm if that floats your boat.

The “fight” is Proof positive that money rules


It is a complete joke as a sporting event it’s a circus, I just want to know the result. 5live have exclusive radio rights

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Steve Bunce, silly voice aside, and Mike Costello are amazing.


Mrs C_S has £20 on Mayweather to win but has laid it off so is quids in without a punch being thrown and isn’t going to stay up for the fight.


4/1 on


Blimey seeing clips of the queues at bars here at 6am

Insane. Must be 500+ trying to get into one of our Irish pubs.

If they’d bothered to mention fight wouldn’t start til 8:30 i would have gone to watch

Hi hum work instead then


So far, McGregor is leading things.


Conor having difficulty suppressing his MMA instincts. Might have points deducted if not careful.


Mayweather starting to become more aggressive. His best round so far.


Maywearher in the ascendency. McGregor looking knackered in last round.


Mayweather wins. 50 fights unbeaten. What a dude.


The most iconic Sports Photo in History.


Well, the outcome was obvious and never really in doubt, and stamina was always going to be McGregor’s Achilles heel but I was very impressed with how CM managed to go 10 rounds with “the best ever”.

Just wished he’d not made himself look such a twat in the build-up.

Then again, he’s just secured himself (and probably the entire Crumlin Road) financially for life. So he obviously doesn’t need promotion advice from me.

If I were CM I would be SOOO frustrated to know that if they’d met on the street, or were allowed to wear 4oz gloves, or kick, or elbow, or choke, or go for submission, or, or, or use any of the tools he’s used to using, then there would have been a different result.

Given that is was a really impressive performance.

I fucking hate Mayweather and the way he’s managed his career and won fights through defence over aggression, but that’s pretty churlish when I think about it.

A 40+ year old that hasn’t boxed for two years just beat the pound-for-pound most aggressive and feared lump of muscle on the planet.

And once again, he’s done it by exploiting the weakness in the opponent. Stamina.

Fair play.


Owww…I thought someone had finally caught up with Fellaini. :lou_angry: