Mayhem wants to renew the"British Dream"

Mayhem wants to renew the"British Dream"


What is the British Dream? Is there one?

What should it be?

Over to you…


There isn’t a British dream at all, own a house?

For many thats gone.

Job for life for all thats secure with a good wage?



She said the British dream is that every generation does better than the one previous. I thought that was just what everyone in the world wanted, particularly if they have children. Quite often I find country specific values to be bizarre. They’re just things that everyone wants.

For me, the British dream should involve having some better weather.


Mine has been alluded to on other threads.

It’s the no wipe dreadnought that results in a 10 degree drop in core body temperature and also disappears around the u-bend without marking the pan, with the added bonus of not needing a flush.

Sometimes the simple things in life make me very happy.


I am well into my 7th decade and i have never heard the expression ‘The British Dream’ before. It didn’t exist. It is clearly another blatant attempt to Americanize us. The Tories want to make/keep us as stupid as the Americans. Sadly far too many buy into it. This will inevitably accelerate post Brexit.

Let’s be honest, if there is a British dream, it is to win the lottery jackpot and then have a life as luxurious as Boris Johnson’s. :lou_lol:


Ah, so she’s going to finally destroy the Nanny State and introduce a Welfare State then.

Yeah right. Perhaps she could just start with getting her party to buy British glue instead of last price Chinese glue for her slogans.


Ahem…this is filed under Monkey Tennis btw



You didnt add to live in harmony with the Muslims.



Never heard of the British dream, the French dream, the Italian dream. Only the American dream, and that has turned out to be a nightmare.


I read a newspaper report saying that the Chinese were interested I the speech as it bore incredible resemblance to one delivered by the Chinese leader, who talked about the Chinese Dream.


The Chinese as well. She’s already been accused copying tv show the West wing.


Just when you thought that speech had been as bad as it could possibly have been along came this photo…

This is all a bit awkward.


Isn’t that from last year?


The facts of the UK in 2017 suggest that The Britsh Dream is to watch Strictly, Bake Off and Mrs Brown’s Boys, to read The Sun and The Mail, to rundown the NHS, to fuck over the weakest in society and to be paranoid about pesky foreigners taking our jobs.

I could do without that sort of dream ta.

I want my country back, the nice one that cared a bit about the worst off - and liked Slade, Spangles, and Only Fools and Horses.


You expect ME to be up to date on Politics?

I just read Twitter



Wet dream…?


My brain read that as ‘A BITTER FUHRER’.


I dream of not having a shallow fucking weathervane as our Prime Minister.



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