Mauritius - anyone been?

Yeah me again. More holidays booked.

Any recommendations?

i heard that the crabs in mauritius have all got Aids, and the local people have trained them to to nip the ankles of passing tourists, and then they try and charge you upwards of $250 to get the Aids cure that is what I heard so Be Careful.

What time of year r u going?


Yes I got married there first time around. Lovely place. Lovely people (expect for my first wife).


Wow thanks Bearsy. Going in about 3 weeks. Wonder if I can get my money back.

Sadoldgit - that sounds a bit better.

no probs i was only going to say just make sure ur not there beginning Jan cos that is when the volcanoes is due to go off, but on other hand that might be ok cos it will prob kill all the crabs when it blows hope u have good time xx


I was there 20 years ago but doubt if it hs changed much. They are an extemely tolerant people with all kinds of differnt religious establishments next to each other but no problems between them. I booked us into a hotel on the west side of the island for the sunsets but it rained every day for 10 days as there was an anticyclone over Madagascar, People we knew who stayed on the north side of the islnad were burnt to a crisp! As I say though, the people were so friendly and lovely and I am sure you will have a great time.

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