Match of the Day

with a glass of vintage red anyone.

I have a departure from the Old Peculiar and am enjoying a Duvel and MOTD :lou_lol:

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Is it churlish to suggest our slot was a bit short? :lou_is_a_flirt:

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Just going to put that. For a 4-0 with 2 disallowed goals and one off the woodwork, it was over in a flash!

I thought they’d edit it properly and put it on later rather than rushing it and just showing the effing goals.

They could have showed more of Mr Moss and his whacky decision making last night, that would have been funny.

Better than the United-friendly edit they did of our trip to Old Trafford that time where they made out we were under the cosh for 90 minutes and scraped a draw when we had in fact bossed the game.

That was the day I realised you cannot trust MotD to give you a balanced version of events.


Presumably the assumption is that if the game was televised most people that really give a shit will have already seen it. No gripes here.

Hey, we have a free kick just outside the box, Rickie, Rickie, this is your moment, this is the one we prepared for…no, you don’t get to take it, that would be too obvious, no, you go and stand in THEIR wall to block the shot from Brunty, but, and this is the clever bit - try to get out of the way last minute!..

Tony Pulis, football genius.

I think its more a contractual thing with BT, that they have a limited amount of highlights to show. Sky have even less for the Idiot Kamara to blather over.