Masters Golf

Masters Golf


Not a huge Golf expert, but i’m rooting for Rory here. Could be dramatic, he’s going for a career slam which is quite difficult. Also his playing partner Patrick Reed is a bit of a dick. Dubai Phil is the expert here.


Rory’s just played his approach to the second stone dead…Reed in the bunker. Could get very close, very soon. :lou_lol:


Missed an easy one there


Reed seems ok to me. Typical yank in a lot of ways, but admits it himself and he can play some great golf under pressure. A good evenings competition hopefully.


Paul Casey going for it with a lot of birdies :laughing:



TWO Golf hreads on Sotonains.

Wonders will never cease.

Rory needs Patrick to collapse. No way I am gonna make it to the end after our boy night out hic


Reed (updated not a dick, but a typical yank) in the sand, Rory, good but a bit short of the green.


Great par putt from the Ulsterman


Did I mention…


Now it is about mental strength not ability no way I will last already 00:38 here and 8 pints with the footie.

But C’mon Rory


May well be a complete dick, but he seems the type that would happily admit it, so I like him. If the Irish bloke wants to beat him, he’ll have to play some stunning golf.


Reed is actualy a full member of The European tour


You think Rory Phil? All i’m thinking is how strong under pressure Reed was in the RC. Am i wrong for thinking he’ll be a hard man to beat(even with Rory’s talent).


Actullay think they will get caught


Watch out for Speith here


Tiger always used to fancy being 4 behind on the back 9… Like Reed but…


Since he dropped JP Rory hss been so much more relaxed even if he is 4 shots behind


Reed 4 ahead now, just has to play safe


It’s Reeds i feel. Would have been definite if he had sunk that putt.

Happy for some stunning golf to prove me wrong.


Just googled Peter Allis, the guy is 87 for gods sake,


Speith just played an amazing shot. It might go to the last(unlucky Phil). Can Rory drag himself back in the game?