Masters Golf

Danny Willett just won :slight_smile: No I didn’t know who he was either.

Big shock apparently.

Not him winning but that you created this thread, Ted, and not Philip From Dubai.

Why is the BBC insisting on referring to him as _ England’s _ Danny Willett?

Why England and not Britain or the UK’s?

Is it something particular to golf?

Because he’s English maybe, they normally refer to McIlory as an Irishman. And in othe sport Andy Murray is Scottish.

Does it ever matter where they are from…?

'‘Nobody knows where they came from, or where they was goin’ ‘’

Nigel Tuffnel


Celts, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, we is all morgrels, we is all illegal immigrants.

Note: Please see other threads for in depth analysis.


Heard an interview with his father this morning.

Said that they used to play texas scramble with his brothers and within a year he was out driving them by 80yds

The interviewer asked how old Danny was at the time.

12 responds the Dad who went on to say Danny was playing off +3 at 13.