Well, there appears to have been an influx of Syrian refugees since I was last here.

How on earth could that happen?

Still, it’s bloody hot and it’s February :lou_lol:

I went a few years ago with some friends and had a great time. Foolishly went during Ramadan and had to search high and low for alcohol - which meant that when located we bought more than normal and returned home with what felt like multiple organ failure. A fantastic place though, complete assault on the senses.

Yep…we’ve got that here today…15c this afternoon, very pleasant. :lou_lol: Marrakech is on my Bucket List.

Been here with the Mrs before but first time here for Kid Goat. She is a bit gobsmacked by it but her and her friend are enjoying themselves. How many camels should I be getting for 2 blonde 12 year olds?


Recommend this place if you don’t know it already.

Great for a meal and drinks on the roof at sunset.

Bit jealous. We may go in April again.

Mrs G was up for a spot of winter sun. I didn’t predict the snowstorm after reaching a couple of thousand metres into the Atlas Mountains. Not best pleased.

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Hope the rest of the training for Sunday is going to plan though

Ah. Sounds awful. For proper winter sun with a 4 hour flight you must go to south Grant Canaria. Morocco is better than UK but not really warm enough in Feb. We (I mean my partner) have done a lot of winter sun research.

A lot…

Not too bad here in the city. A bit of rain in the afternoons but pretty warm. Wasn’t prepared for the snow yesterday though! Worth it for the scenery. Home tomorrow. Looking forward to dicking United on sunday.

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Mrs Sog is up for it (fnarfnar) so we will probably spend a few days there late summer. Off to Venice and Florence for a short break in a few weeks too. Having an extension built this year so a few short breaks will be in order rather than one long one. Any other suggestions for a short break in Europe outside of the usual places?

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Few photos:


I take it the golden one with the blue nose band was the holiday fling?

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