Marcos Alonso charged for 'tackle' on Long

Surely an admission of Mike Dean’s (wide-reaching) incompetence?

No doubt Dean will also be sanctioned appropriately…


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I was sure this wasn’t going to happen, good on the FA or whoever made the decision…

The FA has taken retrospective action after officials including referee Mike Dean failed to see the incident.

How could he have failed to see it? He was 3 metres away and staring right at it.

So he got to stay on the pitch and help them beat us, and his punishment is to not play against Swansea, thus kicking us in the bollocks a second time, and we don’t even get to boo the fuck out of him at Wembley?

Thanks Mike Dean.

You and that twat Roger East at Watford have just about finished us off - and we were doing a pretty dreadful job without your help.


He could always just pay the FA off.

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Was Long injured?

We will need him Sunday

Just bruised and battered as usual…the lack of simple, normal protection he gets from match officals is staggering.

Anyone know what referee’s assistants do?..apart from wait to see which way a referee points for a trow-in and then points their flag in the same direction.

Some poor decisions this season but they sort of even themselves out - soft peno at home to WH for the 3-2 win an example of getting the rub of the green. It’s just in sharper focus when we need the ref’s to be on top of their game. Mike Dean is a sneery looking fucker though, which just adds to the general feeling of dislike towards him.


3 game ban so he won’t play on Sunday, however Dean should have done his job on the day.

How many matches has Dean been suspended for? :lou_eyes_to_sky: