:pl: :manunitedfc: Manchester United v Saints :saints: (Live on Sky Sports)

:manunitedfc: v :saints:

  • :manunitedfc: 0 - 0 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 1 - 0 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 2 - 0 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 3 - 0 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 0 - 1 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 1 - 1 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 2 - 1 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 3 - 1 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 0 - 2 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 1 - 2 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 2 - 2 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 3 - 2 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 0 - 3 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 1 - 3 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 2 - 3 :saints:
  • :manunitedfc: 3 - 3 :saints:
  • The high tempo of recent games catches up with :saints: and :manunitedfc: capitalise, a thrashing ensues
  • :saints: press and press, Ings dances and scores again, :saints: win
  • this has draw written all over it.

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Dear Villa.
Ffs crock Greenwood & Fernandes or get them red cards.

Asking for a friend

Fucking Greenwood, I’m sick and tired of hearing the geezer’s name.

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Now on Monday night at 20:00

They will destroy us


We do have an extra recovery day.

Indeed… as long as we don’t bend over, spread our arse cheeks and even apply our own lube, I will at least be OK with this now its summer.

So you only bend over, spread your arse cheeks and apply lube in the summer?

I am going retro 1976 for this one,

Ings to score in the 83rd min


Need I say anything :lou_facepalm_2:

Man Utd v Southampton (20:00 BST)

Southampton’s away form has been excellent but this is the biggest test they have faced for a while on the road.

Manchester United are just hot at the moment and it is going to be extremely hard to stop them because they have several players who look like scoring every time they play.

Lawro’s prediction: 3-0

Scotty’s prediction: United at the moment remind me of Atalanta, who have been playing all-out attack all season in Italy and have outscored Serie A leaders Juventus by 20 goals.

United are looking good aren’t they? Mason Greenwood looks sensational - there is talk of Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho going to Old Trafford, and it would be great to see him in the Premier League, but I really hope it doesn’t come to the detriment of Greenwood’s opportunities and progress. 3-1

Phew that’s a relief, I thought you were going to post that Lauro had predicted a win for us. :lou_lol:


Get a fiver on PEH to score!

3-0 to United. They are on fire at the moment.

@BTripz, poll closed again (can’t get the staff).

I’ll take a look tomorrow and see if I can hack the database.

Now torn. We lose and the team that inflicted that score wont make UCL.

It’s because I used the left cursor key after setting the date, it moves the date selector.

Thought I’d checked it before I hit save…

You just know


@BTripz / everyone - the poll is now open!

Cast your vote.

Exercise your right to suffrage!

Stick it to the man (u) and then predict a 3-0 loss.


Hmm, the community is undecided

3 draws
3 losses &
2 wins