Man shouts at social media cloud (Cnut)


I genuinely don’t understand why this is top of the BBCs most read news stories. Young Adult #2 is baffled but he knows about YouTube stars (&generally ignores them).

Anyone else bewildered by this stuff?

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Totally uninterested, couldn’t give a fuck, there are more important things in life to worry about. The BBC obviously think otherwise but then they’re a pile of wank too.



Modern youth init… us over lets say 40, could not give a flying fuck about a sad fuckwit generation that feel their lives are fulfilled by getting ‘subscribers’ that follow shit. FFS, ‘influencers’ are just advertising whores who think they are are stars… fucking waste of space, but sadly those under 30 believe this is something to aspire to… world ha gone to fuck… but then again I suspect eery generation say the same when they get to 50…
I suspect its like these parents of teenagers in the 1950s when they discovered Rock 'n’roll, or the 60s, casual sex, 70s, punk, 80s… fuck all it was shit…



I also saw that on the news and thought what a waste of everyones time.



Thank you :pray: