Man acquitted of alleged rape in train station after celebrity accusation

The bloke was aquitted after 90mins by the jury and the CPS rigged evidence (no shock to me).

Who was she?

Link to the news article? Do we need to know who she is? But maybe having more info on CPS rigging evidence?


Is it like Guess Who?

Does she have a hat?

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So a bit of a red top style thread title there. No rape mentioned in article. There’s been a previous thread where some of us would prefer to not be faced with that kind of title.

It is quite possible she did get assulted but it was someone else and the fit up was done by CPS. Which I would want them to answer to.

Do we need to know who the woman was? I am not so sure. But if you want to spend you time trawling through Google then fill your boots.


Agreed. Thread title changed.

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What a bunch of fragile flowers you all are.

When it happens, rape is a serious crime. For me, the term “cry rape” is never usually constructive, and given the amount of times it has been offered as a defence by a guilty party, doesn’t deserve disproportionate representation when someone has falsely accused another of the crime. It’s the sort of thing that allows actual rapists to get off the hook. It’s difficult enough to get a prosecution as it is.


First thing is that the CPS have nothing to do with gathering evidence. The police would do this and would bring the case to the CPS in the first place. The CPS decide whether to prosecute. The person complaining of penetration would have provided a statement and the CPS would determine whether there was enough evidence to prosecute. The current policy is to believe the victim and to persue the case up until the point that it is determined whether the case will stand or not. If anyone is to blame it would seem it is the actress in this case.

The CPS comprises of lawyers, admin staff and managers. At no time does anyone get involved in gathering evidence apart from asking police to provide further evidence if they think what they have is lacking. The police would have brought the evidence to the CPS which would include the CCTV and the suspects name. The CPS arent in a position to fit anyone up if the police say this is the man who allegedly did it then that is waht they work to. From what I can see the mistake was made in bringing the prosection after looking at the CCTV if it doesnt support the victims claim but then we are seeing successful prosecutions in historical cases where the only evidence is the testimony of the victim so I can see why they went ahead. Although I left the CPS last year my neighbour still works there in the RASSO unit and has just been signed off with stress. One of her colleagues collapsed a few weeks ago and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Their workload is out of control and thanks to the cuts to public services there are not enough staff to deal with the cases. There is a timeframe in which these cases need to be dealt with and it is quite possible that this case was sent out to Chambers to be decided upon by external counsel. He/she could have made the decision to prosecute and the CPS would have followed through with the charge and prosecution.