Off to Malta with Mrs CS and teenage mutants #1 & #2 on Thurs.

Has anyone been before & what are the standout things to do / places to see?

The kids want to do a segway tour of Valetta but I’m at the “over my dead body” stage, so any suggestions will be much appreciated.



you should eat the local bread. Toast it with a little butter. Beautiful.


Hnmmnm …can’t beat a good bit of buttered toast. Sets you up for the day - with a fry up mind. Will give it a try. Ta Fatso


no, you don’t have this stuff with a fry up. It’s got a sweeter taste. You can get it in this country. Small and brown.



Have a look on Matt Le Tissiers Twitter Account, he was on holiday there last week and loved it.


Day trip to Gozo

ypu an buy a bus ticket that will get you to the ferry port and then all over Gozo. Spend the morning and lunch in Victoria and then bus down to Xlendi bay to cool off

Valetta old town is worth spending some time mooching about. Lots of history. From Knights Templar to WW2

if diving is your bag, there is lots of good stuff to see. I can recommend a good outfit there.


Is Trousers still a member on here? He’s a great expert on Malta. Valetta is beautiful and it’s worth a visit to the ‘silent city’, Mdina. If you can stay away from the crowded touristy areas, St Pauls Bay is worth a trip too. There’s the Popeye Village and the Blue Grotto and, as said, Gozo is great. So many places and it’s such a friendly place. I’m well jell, as they say


It’s been deleted! Oh shit the bed, what does it mean?


As mentioned by cb use the buses. Everyone speaks great English and are very helpful. Used to just pick a bus and ask the driver where on his route i should visit. The most kind and helpful people.

Have a great time :cool:


Been to Malta a couple of times as part of a cruise and have been to a few of the usual tourist places like Mdina and the town of Valletta itself.

Good place to eat in the evening is a cracking Chinese restaurant on the restored Valetta Waterfront…

Nan Yuan Cantonese Restaurant

Restored Valetta Waterfront


Oh noes … how can this be? But you are right … just checked Le Tis Maltasier site and it doesn’t exist anymore.

I’m only just learning how to wwet the bed, I’ll leave shitting it to the real pros.


Went to Malta years ago we stayed in St Julians which used to be the “place to go” area!

Small island to be honest and easy to access anywhere. Mdina definitely worth a visit so is the Blue Grotto and Gozo, the Azure Window at sunset is a must see.

We also booked a catarmaran excursion around the island, got well drunk but saw loads, the Blue and Crystal lagoons are great to swim in off of a boat.

Be careful though to not offend the locals by allowing Mrs C_S to get her boobies out, topless sunbathing is illegal (or at least was) in Malta!!


Trust the tubby punter to mention food and to be swayed to a destination by a piece of toast…


Thanks for all the feedback peeps…very much appreciated.

Possibly a mistake to share with Mrs C_S & mutants…suspect I’m now going to be run ragged and become a bankrupt. Will probably only be able to afford to eat the local toast recommended by Fatso.

CB Saint - what’s the name of the diving outfit you recommend?

Thanks again!



I don’t actually visit Saintsweb that much, but haven’t seen him much when I have. I have used the awesome power of the Sotonians Twitter account to raise the beast to deal with this Malta related issue.


I’ll see if I can prod him into action on FB



You’re getting confused with these, Fatstuff.


If architecture and art are your thing, Cobham Saint, then St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valetta, contains a pretty impressive Baroque interior and some fine artworks including a couple of superb Caravaggio’s.

The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.