Magpies and Pints

Magpies and Pints



I shall be recovering from Rumfest.

Probably with more rum. :lou_smiley:


Double vision already :lou_facepalm_2:


Which one you gonna keep @goatboy ??


I won’t be there BTW, didn’t realise the game was on Sunday so didn’t think I could go…


I shall be in attendance, as will (or so I believe) the mighty Bletch. His apparel will amaze and astound us, as ever. Rockstone suits me fine - quite liked Brewdog but it was more than a tad pricey I thought.


This One!


Oh dear, it would appear that I have just accidentally booked a ticket for a football match on Sunday afternoon in Southampton.

Would be rude of me not to pop into the local hostelries to meet some of the locals :lou_lol:


Bump, just to piss of @areloa-grandee


Second thoughts, I prefer this one.


I will indeed be there for my first visit of the season thanks to SO5’s good will and his shocking record of support.

In fact, the last time I was at SMS we could pass back to the 'keeper, got two points for a win, RallyBoy ate chocolate and Flyd Owl was still in his 50s.


The Rock is a reliable bastion of pre-match good times and revellery. Even if Bletch is there.


I shall be tuning in via Now TV so I can commandeer the big telly.

I need you all to make yourselves identifiable for when we get the camera crowd shots.

The description of pissed, fat, middle aged, bald or have no dress sense isn’t going to cut the mustard chaps…


We’ll all be wearing our badges…


Fark me, at our ages we have trouble seeing the ball let alone a pappin


The more pedantic amongst us would point out that all these footy related rule amendments occurred way before our move to SMS. Luckily for you I don’t do pedantic and I don’t like people who do


Potentially. Little bro (taller, confusingly) will be in tow so depends whether he fancies it. Taking him on a late-birthday pub crawl across Saturday afternoon/evening so goodness knows what state we’ll be in.


Sadly a change of plan - due to a family emergency - means I will miss the game and the pre-match staring in wonderment at Bletch’s latest unique outfit. Enjoy, people.


Shame, Bucks.

I was planning on wearing a floral blouse that I got from eBay.

The seller claims thay the white discolourations are ‘the product of a genuine interaction with Harvey Weinstein’.

I thought that with that sort of provenance it would have been expensive but it turns out there are loads of them.

Hope everything is ok at home.


I was a dead cert for this one, but my mind has been blown by an actual @saintbletch confirmation.

If I can pick up the pieces by tomorrow, I’ll be there.


Luckily for us @dubaisaints this is a TellyBox game in UK so we are able to partake in a few beer whilst watching the soccerball match @barasti.

Bellend Sports still not able to show every league game due to mysterious circumstances, luckily next 3 games all on TV so we should be ok for now.