:brick_wall: ❌ Maginot Line or our back 4, what ❓

was more resilient?

I can’t help but feel partly responsible for this thread.


No worries son, best foot forward, I’ll take it from here.


In fairness the Maginot line wasn’t broken through, it was skirted.

To quote the great lyricist John Barnes “there’s only one way to beat them, get round the back” - this categorically doesn’t apply to our defence who a group of school kids could pass their way right through.

Barnes derived conclusion - Maginot line more effective :+1:


It is NOT our back line.
It is Ralph for not realising our back line cannot do what he wants yet enforcing it anyway.

We HAVE been here before (Square Pegs Round Holes last season).


TBF they weren’t going through it or around it they were going over it…

Now why does that remind me of a song we used to sing around the camp fire when I was in the Scouts??

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