Made (drunk) in Chelsea


Ok funsters Good News!

By the good grace of my benefactor @so5-4bw ,I will be at the game.

This means two things.

  1. we will win

  2. you have the opportunity to buy me a beer*

The question is where are we meeting?

*I suggest you all club together to buy me a single pint as, well, I’m not good at processing alcohol.



Anyone wanting to sample the culinary delights can book a table here (book for lots!):

meat fest


Rockstone after?


It’s an early kick-off I believe, so post-match looks a better bet than pre-match. Rockstone works for me.

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Not sure if I can afterwards - might depend on the result / my mood / need for consolation…


I am in my hometown. Will be down the pub before and after.


What time will you be there @pap ?


Goaters is picking me up just before eleven.


Should be there for 11:30.


Bednarek makes his league debut, gulp! Good luck fella!