🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


What’s happened in Syria to deserve all the bullshit we’ve been fed. I get your point, but Frances problems have had very little coverage from the start, whereas we’ve had a bombardment of false claims about Syria(even today, multiple times).
There is no balance.



I tried telling this to Goat but he won’t have it, no one really gives a shit, even the French aren’t that arsed anymore, the powers that be would love to show a good riot over to distract from ours woes but it ain’t happening.



Goat will think is made up I’m sure, he won’t listen but we live in hope.


What the fuck are you on about now petal?


Its dying as I said, they all want different things.


Have you read the article?
3 months in and there is a dispute over whether or not they should run in elections.
Numbers on demos have been decreasing for a couple of months but are still significant.
What’s your point?



They’re falling short, you keep posting this shit as if the new republic is about to break out. They’ll get a few populist and protest votes and fade away.

Martin Bell anyone?


France and Italy at each other’s throats, eh?

Vote Remain. Vote for the status quo :smiley:


I keep posting ‘this shit’ as it’s the yellow vests thread you throbbing cock.




week 13.



Yep, it all seems to be dying down. Nothing to see here.



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Nah, most of the EuropeanMSM don’t give a shit

Given our own issues, who gives a stuff if the French hate fuel prices, Macron etc etc