🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


For someone moaning about media coverage your shit as shit doing ok…


Right eye.


Nothing to see.



A bit of that video did make me smirk, the protesters want the LBDs banned as they may cause injury but they’re not adverse to lumping stuff at the police!!



Week 12.



Or giving him seven days to call an election? What a bunch of hypocrites our western governments are!



The reason why there is a “news blackout” in the Uk is:

A) Brexit is much more on our radar
B) AS Is the state of our govt and opposition
C) It’s been going on for three months, hence old news
D) The French are always revolting
E) not many Brits give a shit


But the guardian today has at least 3 articles about Syria and some about Venezuela. Nothing today about Frances problems, which is strange as they are part of the eu(they don’t want negative EU articles maybe?).


I’m a bit more cynical than that CB. I think that until recently, when it seemed that May was bent on getting us a Brexit in name only, they kept the gilet jaunes off the news as not to illustrate what a shit show things were over the Channel.

Now, that we’re going toward no deal, I would expect more coverage of said shit show.


I’m more interested in the copy cat UK yellow vests.


The venezuelan thing is relatively new with regards to the tussle for the presidency

Syria get a mention from time to time

When something happens week in week out (gilet jaurne) it ceases to become newsworthy.

Maybe thats wrong, but it is a fact of life


Have we got any. There doesn’t seem to be anything jumping out at me in the media. :lou_sunglasses:


You having a little joket there?

This is something about our home grown ones. https://www.indy100.com/article/yellow-vests-uk-flier-manifesto-mistake-child-abuse-rape-8725401

I like how they are in favour of leaving the EU but copy a French protest. Lovely.


Syria has been happening for seven years. It’s thousands of miles away and not in the EU. At least 3 articles that i can think of, in one paper. But nothing about France…
That’s got nothing to do with news cycles.



That leaflet was a leaked UKIP manifesto wasn’t it



And I reckon if the gilets carry on for 7 years they will get periodic mentions

Just not every time they decide to wave a flag in a city centre