M3 closure

Anyone heard anything else about this? Can’t seem to find anything online.

Has a discarded bag containing shitty nappies caused the utter breakdown of Southern transport links?

traffic only slightly worse than normal

Can’t find any more detail than was available yesterday, which was pretty much nothing. The local BBC site says:

Hampshire Constabulary said officers were working with fire crews and the Ministry of Defence’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team to establish what the material on the road was.

It has not yet given any further details.

So, a whole heap of not a lot then.

Don’t speculate Goatie or you’ll be…

Meanwhile our sources have exclusive footage of the blockage being removed and no, it wasn’t a Star Trek Discovery publicity stunt.

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Police believe it is highly unlikely that the occupants will be found as they are believed to have taken refuge in Portsmouth

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