Lurk- A public apology

Hi Lurk, I’m really sorry but in trying to sort out your picture links I have magaged to delete your excellent Pylon of the Month thread by mistake! This is in no way a reflection of the (superb) quality of the fledgling thread or a slight on it’s originator.

Please repost and I will gladly sort out your links immediately (for no charge) and accept my most humble apology.

I will certainly be punishing my liver for you today.


PS: just as a taster of the excitement I have ruined, here is the first link (gratis):

Modboy is a knob

For reasons that may or may not become clear I have a copy of Lurk’s excellent first post. See below…

Ooh my first post. Do I get points for this? Well let’s find out…

So any of you into pylons? BIG. ELECTRICAL. PYLONS.

Nah, me neither. I’m a take 'em or leave 'em kinda person. They’re just sticky up things that live in fields and do electric stuff. But some people fucking love a nice pylon.

Here is September 2016

And here is May 2016

What do you think? Do you like good looking pylons?

(going to hit the big green button now, no idea if the pictures wll link)

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Well done Bletch! Can I punish myself anyway?

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Psst, Lurk, this was not an accident.

Your post was getting to close to the truth that they do not want you to know.

Watch your step.


Modboy is such a dick.


Nah, my fault. Was trying to sort out links and stuff. And failed.

Sussed it now.

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“Punishing the primate” is a perfectly acceptable substitute for spanking the monkey.

The answer to your question is self evident, Modboy.

Just friendly advice here: I do hope you posted in “The Arts” section…we’re very hot on getting the location of threads correct even if the people who locate Pylons don’t give a shit about it.

BTW I’m partial to a Pylon myself.

Is this thread basically bletch having a chat with himself?

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Oooooo! A Barry hat!


Nah 'Bleech sucking his own…