Low Cost Flights to The US

Has anyone else noticed the air-fare war that’s been going on recently?

We put off a visit post-brexit for the obvious reasons but noticed how dramatically the prices have dropped recently.

Example: Gatwick to SF direct on a Norwegian Air Dreamliner… £274 return. Obviously there are a few add-ons but nothing dramatic.

Last time we went to the US in 2011…Gatwick to LV on Virgin Atlantic cattle class it cost £720 return.

Anyone have experience of any of these budget carriers?



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I don’t want to seem ungrateful Phil but could you expand a little on your paltry contribution. Not just for me but all the other contributors to this thread…we’re all waiting expectantly. :lou_smiley:

Give it a day or so and the prices may come down even more

Ah yes but if Trump gets in the pound could make a spirited recovery…not sure how pleased I would be in that event. :lou_smiley:

conversely plane fares to the antarctic, siberia, newzealand, mars etc will skyrocket

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I’ve already crossed Mars off my bucket list as the latest trial landing didn’t go too well.

I haven’t crossed it off, plunging headfirst into another planet may still be preferable to what may be ahead

Could I suggest you tick off the other destinations on your bucket list first before taking the Mars trip.