Longest time between visits to the same place

Last year I went to the Grantham Arms in Eastleigh for the first time in probably 25 years.

Right now I’m sat in The Chamberlayne Arms in Eastleigh for the first time in 27 years. It used to be my local and it’s changed a lot structurally.

I can’ get my bearings. That might be because I used to always be pissed or because I’m pissed now†.

Longest time between visits to somewhere…

*I’ve had one pint of San Miguel.

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Pissed?? You’re paralytic, you’ll be passing out in a minute…

I knew that someone simple would have an explanation.

My wife went down sometime in the late 90s. I am hopeful she will return soon.


I went to the New Found Out in Newport South Wales in 1984 when I finished my apprenticeship and then again in 2011 when I had to renew the nippers passport a gap of 27 years.

The beer hadnt changed much it was still shite and the barmaids were still ugly.

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On who?


Looking forward to going back to Donington Park this year.

It’ll be a 26 year absence.


30 years…Arches National Park - Utah…

I took this picture in October 1981…

I went back in October 2011…and took this picture…it was like bumping into an old friend after 30 years…


Shane Long and scoring…


Did '81 & '83 - until you posted I didn’t realise it had been so long - Fuck I’m getting old



If I am with her, hopefully, turtitle island in Fiji. if not, the place of your choosing.

You’d have seen AC/DC in 1981. I saw them a decade later in 1991, which was one hell of a gig. It was one of those periods where Phil Rudd was out of the band. As a result, they played a lot faster than they did on their studio stuff.

I saw them close out 1991 with this at the ripe young age of sixteen. Unlike me, or the band, this’ll never get old.


I did indeed @pap and they were very good. Mind you I don’t think they’ve really written any new songs since Back In Black :lou_wink_2:

Prime reason for Going in '81 was to see BOC unfortunately they were shite, but did see them at a warm up gig as as Soft White Underbelly before though and they were excellent.

Also Blackfoot were excellent

Worst bit was being hit in the back by a bottle of piss - those being the days when beer / cider mainly came in bottles & no restrictions on what you could take into gigs…

My Happy Place

May 1st 1976 and Now.

Jeez! you’re not curled up in a foetal sac are you?? :lou_surprised:

After yesterdays match I resembled Basil Fawlty, curled up with his hands over his head bouncing around his office.


I am needing another row and flounce to have another break in visits here :lou_surprised: