London to Athens (by train)

Myself and the other half are planning a train trip to Athens next year. We’ve booked the flights back and are planning the following route:

London>Cologne(via Brussels)>Munich>Ljubljana>Zagreb>Belgrade>Thessaloniki>Athens

Some of that route might look a little random but from what I can gather (using this should be the most scenic.

Time is tight (no more than 10 days) as we’re leaving the kids at home.

If anyone’s got any advice regarding any of those cities (particularly hotels - happy to spend a lot but if we can get something decent for less then all the better). Or any cities on a similar route that you’d definitely recommend…

…it’d be appreciated.

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I should add to that…

…must sees, too. We’ll only have a few hours in most cities.

I am just soooooo jealous - love trains and love Greece.

Have a fab time!

We stayed here on one of our trips to Athens - right on Syndagma Square and opposite the Parliament building