London Saints Pubs

London Saints Pubs


I’m moving to London on Monday, does anyone know of any good pubs that usually show Saints games?

Thanks in advance


London is a pretty big place - a lot of pubs show matches. It’s more a case of avoiding opposition pubs (and specifically not wearing colours if you can’t ).

What area of London are you moving to?

The streets aren’t paved with gold btw. Plenty of dog shit tho’



Canary Wharf, but I doubt there’ll be very many sports bars locally


Funnily enough there is a sports bar in Canary Wharf. Called something original like the Sports Bar 'n’Grill. I assume it’ll be open at the weekend. Don’t get to go to Canary Wharf on a Saturday afternoon tbh.

Have caught a couple of Saints game in the sports bar on the upper concourse at Waterloo. Just a quick trip on the Jubilee line for you.


Great, I’ll check them out. Cheers Cobham


No worries



For the Europa games it’s much like Sunday 4pm league games, i.e. if our game is being televised live then most / all pubs that show footie will have it on. Last season I watched our Europa in Farringdon for example but I could have gone to any number of places.

Canary Wharf bars are mostly very overpriced btw, but there are a few more traditional places around that don’t rip you off.