Loan watch

Loan watch


OK, I know the official site probably does this better but thought it might be good to have a thread where we can stick stuff about our youngsters out on loan.

Just watching Blackburn v Wolves and Sam Gallagher has just produced a fine controlled volleyed finish, to put the home side one up. That’s six goals so far this season, hope he keeps it up.


Don Goodman in the studio at HT seems a bit stiff. Dunno if he picked up a neck injury in his playing days, but he doesn’t seem to be able to turn his head without turning his whole body.


For those of you who missed Sam’s strike mentioned above, here’s a link from the Saints website:

Sam also managed to get himself on the scoresheet again this week, although Blackburn still ended up losing the game.

Meanwhile Dom Gape played the full 90 in Wycombe’s away win against Pompey in the FA cup. While I’m sure he’ll have really enjoyed that result, I can’t help feeling it’s a pity that we won’t get the chance to absolutely murder them on the way to lifting the trophy this season.


I notice that Sam scored a brace last night in a 3-2 defeat. Anyone that has access to the Saints Facebook page can watch video of the two goals, not sure why they’re not on the OS.

That’s nine for the season now and you have to say that he’s pushing for the chance to play for us next season. Doubt we’ll recall him early.

Gazza kept a clean sheet at the weekend and Dom Gape played the full 90 in a 2-0 win for Wycombe. Jason McCarthy played in a 2-1 defeat for Walsall. When I have a bit more time I’ll see if I can rustle up some opinion from some of the fans of the clubs our players are on loan for.


Not much for our loanees to get excited about this week. McCarthy had a couple of chances to net the winner in his match, having one attempt tipped over and the other cleared off the line. Sam G was unable to add to his tally this weekend as Blackburn were beaten 3-2 for the third match in a row.

I did a bit of digging on some of the relevant forums to see what some of the fans of the clubs we’ve loaned players too think of them. However it was a bit trickier than I expected, mainly down to a lack of a search facility on some of the Blackburn ones.

Opinion of Dom Gape at Wycombe seems to be generally positive, with many fans saying his performances are greatly contributing to their unbeaten run. Here’s how one fan put it: “He seems a very good player who puts in consistent, mature, professional performances that have made a significant contribution to our recent winning streak.”

Most of the stick he’s getting seems to revolve around some fans preference to play one of their own academy prospects, Danny Rowe, instead. Sounds like he’s had trouble with injury which lead to them getting Gape in, with his good performances now keeping Rowe out of the team.

Gallagher goals seem to have put him in good regard with the Rovers fans, as has his work ethic. A fair few think he’s still pretty raw though. “Couldn’t trap a bag of wet cement” was one view. I’ve seen a few of his performances this season and felt that was rather unfair. On the whole his movement has been pretty good in the matches I have seen, although he does sometimes seem to switch off and not read a situation, leading to him looking a bit static at times.

When I have more time I’ll do some diging for info on you McCarthy.



@mulletsaint seems to have disappeared.


Is it too early in the Sotonians Meltdown to demand that we recall Harrison Reed from Norwich to solve our Goalscroing Midfielder problems?


How many has he scored? I have only seen one. Granted, at the moment that is one more than the whole squad has scored.


It was a screamer.

We’d have passed it 10 more times before Tadicffs gave it away


Here you go

Think our midfield should try this more


Olomola having a great start to his loan spell, scores again for Yeovil.




Looks like Gallagher is off to Birmingham for a season. Triffic. E’s a proper footballer.


With a potential recall clause in January I expect.

Makes sense we play 1 up front and have 3 strikers.

And in emergency we have the new Thiery Henry…


Lol @ the beautiful irony of Harry, once again, being told he has to rely on Saints’ youth and not cash to get him out of the lower leagues.


Seems a good move, pleased to see him working under such an experienced & respected coach. Can only be good for him!

Harry Redknapp Coaching Manual - pg 1-200

“Just fucking run around!”


Not sure I like this. I am happy he is getting games but would rather no one gave 'Arry any players and left him to demonstrate his coaching ability.


Lot on fiverweb & in blogs that 1) Saints wanted 1 mil loan fee and 2) wanted a recall option in January. Villa & others wanted to sign him but already had a mix of strikers and Saints wanted Sam to get game time not rotation, so I think it was a case of what was best for Sam.

Still feels dirty though!