Liverpool vs Southampton - October 25th - Tickets etc

Had the email this morning to say that I’m eligible to buy tickets for Liverpool i.e. the first allocation is open.

As I can’t make the match, my customer number is going spare. With there being chat of a Liverpool meet, I figured this would be pretty useful to highlight. If you need a ticket for the game, PM me and we can get set up under the ‘Friends and Family’ section on the ticket site.

Imagine this would be a good place for others to offer their ticket numbers as relevant. To keep it all in one place and so you guys can match up demand with those who can’t attend but can help out!

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Pap has nabbed my number so no more PMs please! Unless it’s to connect me with a Nigerian prince for a tempting business opportunity, obviously.

Should be a bit easier to arrange seating now as they let you choose where to sit for away matches. Though I’d recommend against right at the back of a stand, since the view apparently looks something like the below…

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I have my ticket. Many thanks ant. I am going to the (foot)ball :slight_smile: